Ladies’ Night

Ladies’ Night

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There are many Ladies’ Leagues, but only one Ladies’ Night!

Over the past two years, the enthusiastic staff at Peninsula Lakes have worked very hard to completely revamp the structure of their Ladies’ League. The start of the 2015 season officially marked the launch of what is, and will continue to be, the most enjoyable ladies league experience in the Niagara region.

With weekly games, prizes, dinner features, wine specials, and so much more, the focus of Ladies’ Night is always on one thing…FUN!




Interested in becoming apart of Peninsula Lakes Ladies Night?
Here’s an inside scoop of what people are saying…


Hi Tom
I just wanted to let you know how much I and several other Tuesday evening women have enjoyed Ashley this year. He is very calm, organized, easy sense of humor and seems to be able to keep everyone happy!!! He has introduced some fun games and the way prizes are awarded has really been entertaining, allowing everyone a chance to win!!
Looking forward to the closing banquet and the 2017 season!

Good morning Tom. I just wanted to take a quick minute to recognize such a great employee of Pen Lakes. To let you know what an AMAZING job Ashley did with the ladies league this year and how appreciative all the ladies were of all his hard work. This was obvious with the huge turn-out at the banquet last night. This is my first year and Ashely made the experience wonderful. Each week we received detailed emails outlining the upcoming week, including a fun game and partner requests. This task certainly can’t be easy — keeping this many woman straight and accommodating all the requests. Ashley certainly did this with such grace and professionalism.

I am quite certain-if this year was a sold out event, after the word of mouth all of us will be spreading, next year will be off the charts!!!!! It is my sincere hope Ashley will be the chosen one to lead the ladies league once again. It couldn’t have been a better experience. I truly hope he is recognized for his hard work, dedication and commitment.


Cindy Harvey-Zanuttini

Tom –

Ashley did a great job with the ladies league this season. In my 22 years at Pen Lakes this was the best, most relaxed, non-competitive season ever. So much fun. Ashley did a great job coming up with fun and sometimes even funny games. Great, great job. The banquet food was excellent!! And, for a change, Mother Nature cooperated with the weather!  That was a good year!


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